B and/or an Exhibition Guide In Search Of Its Exhibition, published by Torpedo Press, Oslo, in 2014, contains written exhibitions that float in time and space with or within a joke, one’s mind, Voyager 1, Chauvet Cave or inside the novel 2666 by Roberto Bolaño.

Download the pdf:
B and/or an Exhibition Guide In Search Of Its Exhibition



On a Mollusc as an Exhibition Space.  A review of 10 000 YEARS LATER BETWEEN VENUS AND MARS, curated by João Laia. Cura magazine, online version. 2018

Pattern Recognition. Five Picks from Skulptur Projekte Münster. Spike Art Quarterly, online version. 2017

Cube Fatigue. Spike Art Quarterly, Issue 52 Summer 2017. Download the pdf: Cube Fatigue. 2017

Fountain. Text written as the PR for Olli Keranen’s solo show FOUNTAIN, 5.3.–23.4.2017, SIC, Helsinki.
Download the pdf: Fountain. 2017

Harvesting patterns of your life or a self-portrait from the perspective of a failure or a drone, hovering above for Imaginary Reader, Ed. Marie Nerland by Volt, Bergen, 2016. Download the pdf: Harvesting patterns of your life

How To Clone A Mammoth (In Three Voices And With A Fisherman’s Exaggeration) is a reading afternoon on the poetics of de-extinction in the economy of clicks that premiered at Radio Athènes, Athens, 2015, and later was performed at the De Appel, Amsterdam, the RCA, London, Temporary Gallery, Cologne, HIAP, Helsinki, Mount Analogue, Stockholm, Brud, Warsaw, the Baltic Triennial, the CAC Vilnius and Kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga. Using the structure of traditional Lithuanian polyphonic songs, the reading unites fragments, poems, quotes, stories about new friendships (as a metaphor for an old internet), on the importance of becoming Neanderthals, why Gertrude Stein would not pass the Turing test, the AI of language, and other random companies of post-humanist assemblages.
Download the pdf: How To Clone A Mammoth (In Three Voices And With A Fisherman’s Exaggeration). 2015

Gertrude Stein would not pass the Turing test for Nocturnal News Good Times and Nocturnal News #3 edited by Carl Palm and Eglė Kulbokaitė. Presented at Overgaden, Trust exhibition, curated by Sonia Dermience.
Download the pdf: Gertrude Stein would not pass the Turing test. 2014

What’s on your mind? text for Loop de Loop show by Iza Tarasewicz at Bikini, Lyon, FR.
Download the pdf: Whats on your mind? 2014

Every sentence is a symposium. The CAC Interviu magazine, On Crocodiles and Motors Issue, the CAC Vilnius.
Download the pdf: Every sentence is a symposium. 2014

Cadavere Quotidiano. A daily mourning book project. Published by Project X Foundation for Art & Criticism. Edited by Shana Lutker. 2013

Spectator’s letter for Footnotes. Every Artwork as Different Entry to the Same Show, CAC Vilnius, LT. Download the pdf: Spectators letter, in Lithuanian and English. 2013

An Exhibition in Futura, “A Clock That Runs on Mud” project, Nero magazine. 2012

MORE OR LESS, A FEW POCKET UNIVERSESHIAP, Helsinki. Download an exhibition guide More or Less. 2011

Standard Length of a Miracle, a text for Goldin+Senneby solo, the CAC, Vilnius. 2011

“If you do know that here is one hand…,” the CAC, Vilnius. Download the exhibition catalog: If you do know that here is one hand & If you know that here is one hand 2. 2010

An interview with Darius Mikšys about the artist’s childhood for the Lithuanian Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition de la Biennale di Venezia. 2009

For the First and the Second Timethe CAC, Vilnius. Download the exhibition catalog: For the First and the Second Time. With Virginija Januškevičiūtė. 2008